Monday, November 15, 2021

12.00-12.15      Opening word                                                  
12.15-12.45      Acad. Cătălin Zamfir (Director of the the Research Institute for Quality of Life)
                          How can Romanian sociology contribute to the exit from the current crisis of the country?
12.45-13.15      Prof. Filomena Maggino (Univ. Sapienza of Rome)
                          Wellbeing and Sustainability in the post-covid Era         
13.15-13.45      Discussions
                          Chair: CSI Sorin Cace (President of ARS)

13.45-14.15      Pause

14.15-14.45      Prof. Renata Siemienska (Univ. of Warsaw)
                          Political and Economic Expectations and Reality in Eastern Europe. Three decades of changes of political values and attitudes and their context
14.45-15.15      Prof. Vasile Dâncu (Univ. of Bucharest)
                          Post-pandemic Society: structural Inequalities and building the Resilient Society          
15.15-15.45      Discussions
                          Chair: CSI Sorin Cace (President of ARS)
***Time refers to EET (Bucharest)


Tuesday, November 16, 2021

12.00-14.00      Round Table – Challenges for child protection system
                          Prof. Nuria Fuentes Pelaez (University of Barcelona)
                          Manuela Sofia Stănculescu & Vlad Grigoraș (the World Bank / RO)
                          Prof. Sergiu Bălțătescu & conf. Claudia Bacter (University of Oradea)
                          Prof. Ștefan Cojocaru (University ”Alexandru I. Cuza”, Iași)
                          Chair: Prof. Ștefan Cojocaru (University ”Alexandru I. Cuza”, Iași)
Language: English

14.00-14.15      Pause                                                                                                  

Parallel sessions

Challenges for young people in a changing labor market
Chair: CSI A. Preoteasa (RIQL)
Language: English

Socio-economic inequalities: between ideology and reality
Chair: L. Pop (Univ. of Bucharest), CSII D.Arpinte (RIQL)
Language: English

The challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic: social and demographic risks
Chair: CSI M. Voicu (RIQL), CSI S. M. Stănescu (RIQL), CSIII C. Berescu (RIQL)
Language: English


Wednesday, November 17, 2021      

Parallel sessions

Challenges for social inclusion: family, gender, social services
Chair: CSI prof. E. Zamfir (RIQL), PhD Student C. Drăgan (RIQL)
Language: Romanian

Challenges of aging: health and the labor market
Chair: CSI I. Precupețu (RIQL)
Language: English

The challenges of international migration: theoretical underpinnings and realities of the 21st century
Chair: CSII M. Șerban (RIQL), CSII S. Ilie (RIQL)
Language: English

Risks and inequalities in education
Chair: CSII G. Neagu (RIQL) 
Language: Romanian


Thursday, November 18, 2021

12.00-12.30      Prof. Konstantinos Sergakis (Univ. of Glasgow)
                          Empowering employees and setting the ground for a new sense of citizenship
12.30-13.00      Prof. Lilian Negură (Univ. of Ottawa)
                          The process of othering through representational naturalization. The example of refugees and the Covid-19 pandemic
13.00-13.30      Discussions
                          Chair: CSI Sorin Cace (President of ARS)

13.30-13.45      Pause              

Parallel sessions  

New inequalities and governance today
Chair: R. Hoinaru (QM Univ. of London)
Language: English

The government response to COVID-19 pandemic; vulnerable groups and health policies
Chair: CSIII I. Anghel, RIQL
Language: English

Rural development in Romania: opportunities and challenges
Chair: CSII I. Stănescu (RIQL)
Language: Romanian 

Quality of life: COVID-19 impact and methodologigal aspects
Chair: CSII S. Fitzek (RIQL)
Language: English


Friday, November 19. 2021                                         

Parallel sessions

Determinants and consequences of inequality in health across Europe
Chair: M. Manoilă (RIQL), PhD Student Momoko Nishikido (CED, Barcelona)
Language: English

Criminality: reintegration and policies
Chair: Prof. M. Tomiță (West University of Timișoara), CSII C. Tomescu (RIQL)
Language: Romanian

13.45-14.00     Pause                                                              

14.00-16.00      Round Table – Opportunities and risks of the Romanian society
                          Acad. Cătălin Zamfir (Research Institute for Quality of Life – Romanian Academy)
                          Acad. Ilie Bădescu (Institute for Sociology – Romanian Academy)
                          Prof. Vladimir Pasti (National University of Political Studies and Public Administration)
                          Iuliu Stocklosa (President of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
                          CSII Iulian Stănescu (Research Institute for Quality of Life – Romanian Academy)                              
                          Chair: Acad. Cătălin Zamfir (Research Institute for Quality of Life-Romanian Academy)
Language: Romanian

16.00             Closing the conference. 

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