We are glad to receive your communication proposals, title and a short summary, result of your academic, empirical or theoretical research activity, as well as points of view of the practitioners subsumed to the general theme of the conference.

Sections (provisional titles):

  1. Quality of life in crisis contexts
  2. Post-pandemic Society: structural Inequalities and building the Resilient Society
  3. The role of the welfare state in reducing social inequalities
  4. Social and economic inequalities: a challenge for social inclusion policies
  5. Development strategies: European policies and their impact on social polarization
  6. Living standards, economic inequalities, and fiscal policies (micro and macro perspectives)
  7. Labor market changes: at-risk groups, training, employment relations
  8. Social polarization and vulnerable groups: challenges for social protection
  9. Demographic risks, health status, health policies
  10. Inequality of opportunities – causes, forms and strategies to address them
  11. Socioeconomic inequalities and community development
  12. Migration and quality of life
  13. Inequality in education and quality of life