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The on-line sessions of SIQL conference will be facilitated via You can access zoom applications from your web browser and install on your computer/mobile/tablet devices. In order to attend the conference, you must have a Zoom account and be logged into your Zoom account when you click on the session link. Otherwise, you will not be able to view the session. Creating your own zoom account is free.

This conference sessions host between 5 and 9 papers. To each paper presentation are allotted 15 minutes, including discussions. For every 4 papers, additional 15 minutes are allocated, which will be used as deemed necessary.

For the good development of the conference works, please:

  • make sure your computer is equipped with a webcam and proper audio/microphone
  • be present a few minutes before starting the session, to have time to check the connection
  • prepare your presentation in advance, in a synthesized form, so that you can fit in the allotted time
  • send your presentation in advance (the day before your presentation) to the chair of your session

The Chair of the session is responsible for:

  • starting the zoom meeting (session) on time
  • introducing the presenters in the session
  • keeping time for each presenter
  • deciding upon the use of the additional 15 minutes
  • giving screen control to each presenter
  • moderating the Question & Answer period.

The sessions of this conference are not automatically recorded.

If you have any questions, please contact us at